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Why PIP ?

WHAT End-Users Say:

"This was our first ever software implementation that was effective and FUN" wpi

"When we signed up for this training we really did not look forward to it. With Maree as our trainer, we actually can't wait to see what we will learn tomorrow. Now we look forward to each class" ari

"We feel comfortable and at ease with Maree. She makes the training fun. We can be ourselves and make mistakes without feeling embarrassed" tmc

"As time permitted, Maree worked with us individually using our own test data. She guided us and helped us really understand how to make the most out of our application" ybgr

"Class completely exceeded my expectations. Maree addressed ALL of our questions and more. She was a phenomenal help" ea

"While the flurry of activity was ensuing around go-live weekend, I did not want you to think that I had forgotten about you. One of the main reasons that we were able to go live on time was due to the INCREDIBLE work you did to gather the testing and acceptance together. It was also your work that inspired the model which allowed us to formulate the plan to complete a security design in record time. Your involvement, in conjunction with the rest of the team, meant we were successful. I will look forward to the next project that you can help us achieve that same end result!" jbc