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Why PIP ?


      I make your end-users happily competent with your software


  • Represent clients with integrity
  • Provide exceptional implementation, training, and testing services that keeps end-users happy
  • and clients calling back
  • Maintain flexibility in scheduling to support the timelines of clients and the needs of end-users
  • Promote a relaxed, fun, and supportive atmosphere that encourages honest and open communication
  • Inspire end-users to want ownership and responsibility of the applicable software


      I believe that a certain amount of risk is normal when building new relationships and alliances.
      I believe in proving oneself and being responsible to earn the trust of others.
      I believe in maintaining balance, being courageous, and taking appropriate risks.

      I also believe in striving for win-win situations by practicing mutual respect, effective
      communication, and encouraging and enhancing mutual success!

      Maree Piplovick, Owner Program Implementation Professional